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Lily has been all time favourite to watch, in many different
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Download information:

Before download our videoproducts you have noticed our copyrights. We offer you here self-made video productions that we have all rights reserved, also our coproductions. We spent much time in planing, location search, vehicles, model search, and of course money to create this video clips, each video is an original and unique product.

The videos are not allowed to be shared, distributed, resell, rented, et cetera. If you give away our videos to others, you guilty of an offence.
Be sure, if you give our videos away and somebody doing illegal or crimal act, you are responsible for all damage we have.
There are more downloadversions of each of our videos, with changing marks, each video has a serial number. So in case of violation, it can be backtrace who has distribute or give away the purchased video and can also act as evidence in an criminal case.

We handle your data with care and use it only for our internal tax invoice, so we also expect you handle our videos with care and just for
your personal usage.

By violation our copyrights in any way we are forced to give all data, ip´s payment infos to all legal authorities. So please get more info if you not sure how to deal with international copyrights. The violation is an criminal act.
Also EXCHANGE - Sharing on other websites is not allowed and will be reported. That also for our videopreviews.


1. For email contact we certainly need your right email adress, no fake adresses please.
Because if something is not ok with your download we have no possibility to contact you.

2. Please log out before leaving our homepage. That means after using your member account please dont just close this homepage, first log out.

3. We just contact you by email, we never send you anything through post/mail to your homeadress.
Just in cases of violations or frauds, we must give away all your data we saved.

4. The download is avaible for 7 days and downloadable for 5 times. Older cips just 1 day for 5 times.

5. The prices are complete prices for the downloads (the tax of 19% is incl.). The shipping info is just a information to all customers (statutory rule). That means for the download you have not to pay any shipping costs, because it is a virtual product !!!

6. Please notice, that our download products cant be exchanged or returned, so please check first your
internetconnections before download and if you chosen the right video(s).

7. We dont show nudity in our videos.

Thank you.

For questions or more informations, just send us an email to: