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Privacy Notice 2019

Data notice

Use of cookies
Cookies are used to recognize multiple uses of an offer by the same user.
Cookies are small text files that your Internet browser stores and saves on your computer. They serve our
Website and to optimize our offers. No personal data is collected through these cookies.
You have the option in your browser settings to change the cookie settings and reject them. website, Alexandar-Bahunjek-Videoproduction, Hakenstr.6, 44139 Dortmund, Germany
email:info(at), Tel: 004923153461655

We take the privacy very seriously and treat the personal information very confidentially
and only according to the legal regulations of data storage

When visiting our website no personal data is stored, only the access or
The page visit is logged via a so-called IP log file on our server. The following data will be included
saved in the logfile.

- Time / date of the call
- Operating system and browser of the client in question
- the URL which is called
- IP address of the client / visitor
- URL from which your website was called (Referer)

Data when contacting
For the contact us, we only need your email address, which is entered in the contact form
or if we get an email via email.

Only when creating a customer account, personal data is transmitted and stored

What data is stored on our site during a customer registration?
First name, name, birthdate, street, house number, city, country, email address, IP number, (telephone number only optional)

If you as a customer should also order product (s), the payment method and the payment details will also be saved.
with which you pay the product so that a proper order processing can be guaranteed.

Use of data
Personal data is stored on our website, which is on our server at our server
Hosted service provider. The data are only for our internal billing and invoicing, order processing
and for tax purposes. We dont give away your data for other purposes, like advertising, etc.

The IP log files are for statistical purposes only and will only be used in case of delinquent behavior,
for example in the case of payment fraud or copyright infringement, used for prosecution or in case of judicial request to
Authorities passed.

Information and information about data
You have the right to receive information about the processed data at any time. We keep the personal data
only as long as it is required by law.

Deletion of data
At any time upon request, you can have your personal data deleted from us. Or you can do it yourself if you like
Customer are registered, via their "personal customer page" (customer account) in our shop delete.

The entire use of the customer account area is guaranteed via a secured SSL line (https: //).
In order to protect your personal data, we and our server service providers use regular updates.
current operating systems, regular backups, virus scanners, etc.,

Every visitor or customer can subscribe to a newsletter if he wishes. In the newsletters we inform about
New releases on our website. We do not send any other advertising, spam or anything else.
The newsletter can be activated by clicking and entering the email address, but also at any time in person
Order or cancel customer area. For this only the email address is needed. A link will be sent to the email address
sent to you again to agree to receive the newsletter by you.

Dortmund (D), Januar 2021